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KD Gifts & Crafts

Art by Ruby collage on tote bags are currently featured at KD Gifts & Crafts located in downtown Hilo, Hawaii. They  specialize in vintage and handmade items.







Jewelry by SaZjewelry
featuring Domino and Bottle Cap
charms by Ruby

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                    Shellie Lewis' Blog
                                   An art blog to inspire


Old Los Angeles Broadway by Ruby Cross, collage on illustration board, 4″ x 4″

"Ruby Cross surprised me with this lovely collage ACEO!  I was feeling pretty down and the spontaneous arrival of original art was a major delight.  Ruby has been experimenting with using translucent layers in collage, especially by taping tissue paper to a piece of regular paper and running it through a computer printer then layering it with Modge Podge paste.  This collage has a lot of depth in person, you can see the translucent or transparent layers floating over each other.  The sheet music pattern is continued on the reverse.
See Rubyís online store here for unique collage papers and her art."




I know I have gone hard line over the years on defining art as actual art being made by hand; anything else is a copy of the art.  I have one exception to this: digital art.  Since the work was created digitally, multiples are not copies of an original -as there is no original physical art work.  the art is made of data and is thus fine to show up in repeated print forms and computer screens.

Two recently acquired ACEOs by Ruby Cross of Shy Necessities perfectly describe this idea of digital art without a fixed original.  She makes her work as digital photo-collages.  Iím okay with people working digitally.  I work digitally.  I am just fed up with people that want to paint something once and sell it a multitude of times.  Iím trying to sell original work in the price range of their petty photocopy prints and posters; theyíre cutting into my market by calling facsimiles art.

You can visit Shellie Lewis' Blog at: 






























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